Pre Owned Watches

Whether to buy brand new or pre owned watches is always a good question. There are some very valid arguments for both sides of the question really. Similar to buying a pre owned luxury car, there are many points to consider. Buying brand new gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are the only one who has owned the watch. You are getting in pristine condition, with all the correct boxes and papers, and you are most likely getting it direct from the authorized dealer. All of these points give you peace of mind and assurance that what you are buying is authentic.

So, why would you buy a pre owned watch? Well, first there is the chance that a watch that you really like is out of production and simply not available anymore. In this case, the only chance to obtain such a watch would be in the pre-owned market. Another reason might be to take advantage of the depreciation on a pre owned watch. And while there are some brands that depreciate more than others just as in luxury autos, however for the most part all luxury watches do have some depreciation. It is up to you to decide how much depreciation is acceptable, but if you can purchase your favorite watch for 25%-30% less or more than the original price, why wouldn’t you do that? As long as you are purchasing a watch in very good condition both mechanically as well as cosmetically and you can trust the seller, buying pre owned watches seems like a very good option.

Here at The Sutor House you will only find the best selection of pre owned watches at very competitive pricing. All watches purchased or taken in trade have been thoroughly inspected to make sure all functions are working properly. You will have many years of enjoyment wearing your new timepiece from The Sutor House: I guarantee it!

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