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Why The Sutor House

One of the best features of doing business at The Sutor House is that I offer a full spectrum of luxury watch needs. Whether you are looking to buy or sell luxury watches, trade one of your pre owned watches or simply sell one of your luxury watches, I can offer a solution. After all, I can’t sell what I don’t have so I am always looking to acquire new inventory. Unlike most watch sellers, I am interested in pretty much all brands of watches. Your luxury watch doesn’t have to be a Rolex or Breitling and in fact, I prefer the cooler, less known micro brands. If it is unique and hand made I am definitely interested.

Trading Watches at The Sutor House

For the better part of 15 years now my passion has been buying, selling and trading luxury watches. Many of those years have been spent surfing through countless eBay auctions looking for my next great timepiece. However, one avenue that eBay is yet to explore is the trade. This is the main reason why I have a Watch Trade In page on The Sutor House. If you ask any truly passionate watch collector, hands down their favorite part of watch collecting is trading their watch or watches to get a something new.

Three Easy Steps

In an effort to keep things simple for-you-and-for-us we have devised an easy to follow three step process to selling your watch.


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Our client testimonials speak for themselves. We provide quality service, exceptional prices, and friendly watch discussion.

T.H. Britt

Norm is a true professional. I contacted him to discuss his appetite/interest in assessing a collection of 40 watches I wished to sell. Norm asked for a list of all 40 with qualifying details and date of purchase for each.


Being several thousand miles away should not deter you from dealing with Norm. I live in he UK and Norm facilitated a swap for a watch. Norm has a deep understanding of customer requirements and works hard…


This is my first time purchased a watch on the website. Sutor house is really the place to go for your next watch. I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Thank you from Switzerland.