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As you can imagine, any online purchase is inherently risky. Making a high dollar purchase further complicates matters. Several weeks ago I made an online purchase with trade via The Sutor House. As you can imagine, sending money plus watches for trade with nothing in return at the time of the transaction can be unnerving. Norm Sutor hand held me through the entire process, start to finish. Upon receipt of money and trade, I received my watch in short order. The watch was perfect and the entire transaction was seamless. So much so, I ordered another watch!!

If you are contemplating an online purchase and have any apprehensions, I highly recommend you give The Sutor House a close look. They are honorable, have great integrity and they have great products. You will not be disappointed.
- Carlos


Being several thousand miles away should not deter you from dealing with Norm. I live in he UK and Norm facilitated a swap for a watch I had wanted for quite some time. Norm has a deep understanding of customer requirements and works hard to reach a mutually beneficial relationship. I for one would recommend him and would even consider him a friend of mine now.
- Adam Clegg

Sutorhouse is the place to go for your next watch. I have purchased/traded for 3 of their watches and they are exactly as described and packaged and shipped perfectly. I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!
- Ken Foxman

Thanks for the great deal on an amazing watch. My Zixen GMT is a superb watch in all respects. I'll be buying another watch from you soon.
- Rick C

the sutor house zixen testimonial

Absolutely fantastic transaction from beginning to end! Norm will work with you until your completely satisfied! Here's a pic of me and my beautiful VDB VII, I will 100% be doing some regular shopping here!
- Blue Orchard

blue orchard the sutor house

It has been my pleasure to work with Norm Sutor of The Sutor House to acquire two additions to my collection of Dive watches. My collection is almost always changing to some degree, and Norm easily accepted my offer of certain trades for both watches. I found his estimation of the value of the trades to be honest, fair and open to negotiation. The Sutor House uses FedEx shipping, which I prefer, and my new watches have arrived quickly, and in perfect condition.

One of my new favorites is my recently acquired Cavenago "Acciaiopuro" Diver, a very clean and simple design, with Swiss hand-wound movement, and extraordinary lume (see photo). I've enjoyed the opportunity to access little known models and/or brands through the Sutor House. I highly recommend them to any prospective customer, as my experience with Norm has been outstanding.
- Page Rogers

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