Werenbach Soyuz B.T.O Spaceborn MS-04 Orange Swiss Automatic Limited Edition


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Werenbach watches are made from the material of real-life space rockets, recovered post-launch in Kazakhstan and subjected to an elaborate treatment process in preparation for watch production. All the material used to make the watches has been to the edge of space and back.

Any astronaut who views the Earth from space can recognize the beauty of our planet and the insignificance of themselves on a universal scale. They recognize the absence of borders, on Earth as in space.

This experience can change the way we think. It is “spaceborn”, because it originates from space, and it is our ideology. It lives in the bodies of the watches and the minds of those who wear them.

It is Werenbach’s vision to produce watches that are more evocative, colourful and inspiring than the rest – which is why each of our pieces incorporates genuine rocket material. The engine is the part of the rocket that supplies the propulsive force – 4.5 megatons, to be exact! – while the outer shell gives the rocket its colour and form. We devised different processes to prepare the two rocket elements for watch production.
On the rocket’s journey into space, the first and second rocket stages are jettisoned at a height of 45 km (the booster) and 85 km (the fairing) respectively.
Since the materials are recovered directly after the launch, we are able to determine which mission and which part of the rocket the material for each watch comes from. As such, each piece not only has an extraordinary story, but also represents a genuine piece of space travel history.

The casings for the Soyuz Collection are produced from the rocket engine. Production begins with a complex metallurgical melting process in which the rocket’s steam turbine is melted down, with the challenge here being that the steel is altered as little as possible. The aim is to convert the heat-resistant material into a stainless steel. The result is a unique Werenbach alloy consisting of 96% original rocket steel: SRE stainless steel (Soyuz Rocket Engine)

The melting process takes place in a vacuum induction furnace,, where the carbon component is reduced in small quantities by means of combustion. Only by using this method is it possible to reduce the amount of carbon without diluting the starting material. It’s a highly sophisticated metallurgical procedure -but no challenge was big enough to prevent us realising the dream of a genuine rocket watch.

The watch faces are cut directly from the rocket by hand and precise dials crafted from the raw rocket material as part of a multi-step fine mechanical process. On account of their differing traces of use, the faces then undergo multiple rounds of selection before being personally approved by the company founder himself
The surfaces of the faces are what give the watches their character – they retain the original colour and structure of the rocket from which they were sourced, thereby determining the watch’s appearance. Every face displays differing traces of use, making each one distinct from any other.
Werenbach offers two collections: the Soyuz Collection (limited stock with premium-quality components; casing and face made from rocket material) and the Leonov Collection (face made from rocket material). B.T.O. Editions – whose faces are crafted from especially distinctive materials in accordance with customer wishes –  are available for both collections.


BRAND: Werenbach

MODEL: Soyuz B.T.O Limited Edition Orange MS-04

MOVEMENT: Automatic – Swiss

CASE: Stainless Steel

CROWN: Screw Down 

SIZE: 40mm

LUGS: 20mm

DIAL: Orange Spaceborn Rocket Material

BEZEL: Inner rotating Bezel

CONDITION: Pre-Owned – As-New 

BOXES/PAPERS: 100% Complete Set with Box Set, Guarantee Card, Original Rocketship Plate, etc – Everything in Pictures


STRAP/BRACELET: – Original Werenbach Black Leather Strap with signed Steel Buckle.


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