SINN EZM 13 Divers Chronograph Stainless Steel Bracelet 500m 41.5mm Swiss Automatic


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This watch gets its DNA from the hugely popular Sinn EZM 3 but adds a chronograph function using Sinn’s SZ02 calibre.
The design similarities are quite clear when viewing the hands, dial, markers and diver’s bezel.
The Sinn EZM 13 features a 41.5 mm bead blasted case in 316 L stainless steel with left mounted controls.

The Sinn EZM 13 is the all-new diving chronograph from Sinn, and features the in-house modified SZ02 movement with 60-minute register.
With 500 meters of water resistance, the Sinn EZM 13 has been tested to European diving equipment standards and certified by DNV GL, and is Mission Timer certified for optimal readability and use with crown and chronograph pushers relocated to the left side of the case.


When we spoke to Sinn’s CEO Lothar Schmidt he indicated that this chronograph had been engineered to allow the use of the chronograph pushers underwater.

EZM Design – EZM 13

Sinn is known for their professional special forces watches, called the Einsatzzeitmesser (EZM – in English “Mission Timer”) series. Sinn has long been a supplier of watches to various divisions of the German special forces, including the GSG-9, border protection, customs, military and special police divisions. Designing watches for these units carries a number of requirements, including resistance to shocks, water, magnetism and temperature changes among others.

There is also a functional requirement in that the watch must be highly legible and the controls must be both accessible and easy to use in extreme environments. This watch takes its place in the Mission Timer Series as the new Sinn EZM 13, and you’ll notice that the crown and pushers have been relocated to the left side of the case as is typical for EZM watches.

Summary of Technologies


  • Water resistant to 500 meters – certified by DNV-GL
  • Sinn D3 crown and pusher systems
  • Calibre SZ02 with redesigned 60 minute register
  • Magnetic Field Protection to 80,000 A/m
  • Copper sulphate capsule to absorb moisture and humidity
  • Inert gasses used to promote a dry and stable environment
  • Bezel is screwed to the case using an exclusive Sinn design
  • Built to the standards of the German special forces – EZM 13
  • Double coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal


Sinn SZ-02 Calibre

What’s inside this watch also shows how Sinn engineers watches.  The Sinn modified SZ02 calibre consists of a redesigned minute register which actually counts 60 minutes rather than the typical 30. This register has been enlarged and is placed at the 6 position.

Magnetic Field Protection

This case offers magnetic field protection of up to 80,000 A/m, among the highest for any mechanical watch. Magnetism can cause dramatic swings in the timekeeping of a mechanical watch movement. People are often exposed to magnetic fields without even knowing so – frequent high altitude flying, metal detectors, audio and video equipment, medical equipment and computer equipment to name a few.

Dehumidfication Technology

Mechanical watches require oils to ensure proper operation, and the proper care of any mechanical watch movement mandates that these oils maintain both their viscosity and lubrication properties.

Sinn has found that filling the case with inert gas can help prevent the introduction of moisture and humidity to the case, as well as provide a more stable environment for the oils that lubricate the movement. This inert gas mixture, signified by the Ar symbol on the dial, is used to fill the watch case prior to being sealed. This will prevent air from entering the watch case, which will promote a dry and stable environment, but also prevents the dial and crystal from fogging.

The second aspect of this technology is a dehumidifying copper sulfate capsule that absorbs unavoidable diffused atmospheric moisture within the watch, thus slowing down the aging process of the movement inside. A second advantage is that any condensation that were to develop does not appear underneath the crystal, even in very humid weather conditions. The dehumidifying capsule turns various shades of blue according to its degree of saturation, displayed through a small sapphire crystal window.


Other Features

Screw-down crown. Crown and chronograph pushers are sealed and protected by a specific material used in chemical vacuum technology.

Matte finish stainless steel case with solid case back. Stainless steel bracelet.  Sapphire crystal with luminous hands and hour markers. Watch is water resistant to 500 meters and is suitable for diving.

We welcome the new Sinn EZM 13 to Sinn’s collection of Mission Timers.  We know that this watch will be in high demand for some time, just as the Sinn EZM 3 continues to be one of the most popular Sinn watches more than a decade after its initial introduction.

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