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Ancient Mariners Series – Only 900 total watches were made! Only Chapter I pieces have sequential numbers 1-301. The next 2 Chapter watches are not sequential and may bear any number between 302-900.

Anycent Marinere
Chapter I

Numbered on side of case as #1-300
300 Ancyent Marinere Chapter I watches

The Ancyent Marinere features a 38 mm all stainless case with engine turned bezel treatment.  This numbered production watch is serial inscribed on the edge of the case at the 9 o’clock position. The movement is the hi-grade ETA 2824, 25 jewel quick date automatic.  The crystals both front and back are of heavy Sapphire to withstand extreme pressure.  This  piece utilizes bellows type gaskets to minimize air exchange ( breathing of the case ) – it is fitted with a screw-down crown and back.  The Ancyent Marinere is named after the poem, “The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere”, wherein the famous quote, “Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink” originated.  Inscribed inside the back Sapphire glass is a similar quote  Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to leak”… appears.  Also inscribed on the back bezel is the reference number 05N/95W  – the designer’s interpretation of the location of the doldrums ( calm sea and wind ) where the Marinere’s ship disaster occurred.  The luminous dial and hands of this watch are totally unique.  The number 7 has been replaced by the logo “df” and the number 1 is replaced with a stylized bird ( Albatross) from the poem.

The numerals are a black green color like the South Atlantic waters. The albatross is placed on one o’clock near the aspect of the sextant reading for the equator. The deadly doldrums of the sea drama alludes to a location near the Galapagos Islands, “05N/95W” which is the watch’s reference number on the back bezel. The turbulent waters are illustrated by the etching on the front bezel.

The Panama
Chapter II

Numbered on side of case as # >301/900
250 Panama Chapter II watches

This watch has many similar features to the original Ancyent Marinere with appropriate changes in design to keep pace with today’s watch “science”,  d.freemont has produced a unique bezel design for the Panama – an engineering feature of unique importance.  The Ancyent Marinere is also a famous literary work by Samuel Coleridge, written in 1798.  The story recounts the strange voyage that takes the crew through some rough water and psychological battles.  The only remaining crew member, the “Ancyent Marinere,” then devotes his life to righting and enlightening others about the lessons of life.

Truly a great conversation piece, Panama features an ETA 2824, 25 jewel automatic movement – screw on bezel, shock protected, water resistant to 5 ATM, Sapphire Crystal.

Our original Ancyent Marinere presents the story in a horological way up until the central character finds himself alone on the deck of a derelict ship with an Albatross around his neck.  The Sea drama was placed at the coordinates of 05N/95W ( the reference number of the watch series )  and is inscribed with the derivative quote ” water water everywhere but not a drop to leak (drink).”  The Panama is a continuation of the tale which has a climax at Panama… 9N/82W ( reference # and coordinates )  The Marinere continues his message,  be kind to man, beast and bird alike, “Nothing is as Noble as Kindness” –  This is engraved on the back of the watch around the exhibition window.  The number 1 is replaced with a stylized bird ( Albatross) from the poem.

Voyager – The Final Chapter
Numbered on side of case as # >301/900
250 Voyager Final Chapter watches

The Voyager is the last in the series, and prophetically the most important as it traces ones own lifetime.  I consider this the apex of the message – Be kind to man, bird and beast alike…a living voyage when man’s faith and superstitions are tested.  The Ancyent Marinere kills the Albatross, caused by the crews’ confusion over the superstitious presence of the Bird.  Later the crew swings their opinion, hanging the Albatross around the Marinere’s neck.  The Marinere finds himself the only one left as death has overcome the ship and its crew…  “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink…like a painted ship upon a painted ocean”  a monolog of despair. The designer feels that it is appropriate to place the Voyager at the climax co-ordinates, 09N82W, since this represents the physical and spiritual placement

The Voyager’s balance wheel reminds us to search the depths of our own soul.  The dial color was chosen to replicate the overcast burning sun of the Pacific doldrums.  The Albatross is positioned at 6 o’clock reminding us that it did lie dead upon the deck – never to fly again.  The old seaman, in his agony, captures our attention and moves along with his sordid tale pointing out that “he prayeth best, who loveth best, all things both great and small”, for nothing is more noble than kindness, as we are but a slice of God who made and loves us all.

Truly a stunning conversation piece, Voyager features the ETA 2824 Elaboree, highly decorated, 25 jewel automatic movement – shock protected, water resistant to 5 ATM, Sapphire Crystal, available with either pure white or parchment color dial. Case is stainless steel with either a stainless steel or 18kt Platt gold bezel, 37mm diameter and 9.5 mm thick…exhibition back.

Extremely Rare d. Freemont Voyager featuring an exquisite engine turned bezel with gorgeous Swiss Automatic movement! Very hard to find and this is Limited Edition #485/900!

BRAND: d. Freemont 

MODEL: Final Chapter – Voyager Limited Edition #485/900

MOVEMENT: Automatic – Swiss

CASE: Brushed Stainless Steel

CROWN: Push/Pull Crown

SIZE: 37mm

LUGS: 19mm

DIAL: Parchment Color (sort of a Cream/Beige color)

BEZEL: Gorgeous Engine Turned bezel 

CONDITION: Pre-owned – Excellent!

BOXES/PAPERS: Watch with Wooden Box Set


STRAP/BRACELET: – Stainless Steel Link Bracelet with fold over clasp – will fit up to an 8 1/4 inch wrist.


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